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Vetech Equipments is a manufacturers of Washer Extractor, Drying Tumbler, Hydro Extractor, Dry-cleaning Machines, Commercial Laundry Machine and other Laundry Equipment’s for Industrial Dry Cleaning Systems.


Beside Laundry Machines Vetech also Manufactures Vacuum Steam Table,  Steam Press, Teflon Shoe, Sequence Controller, Diesel Fired Burner, Flat Bed Ironer, Flatbed Press, and other Garment Finishing Machines for Hosiery, Garments, Apparels & Clothing in India. 

We introduce ourselves as manufacturer of Garment Laundry, Dyeing, Washing, Dry Cleaning, Processing & Finishing Systems under the brand name & style of Vetech. Our basic aim is to provide high quality Laundry machinery & Garment Press Systems to Hosiery, Garment & Apparels industry. Our machines are manufactured by a combined effort skilled engineers & dedicated work force. We use genuine spares & electrical so that production & Quality of your Garment should not hamper. Vetech Laundry Machines are value based, qualitative and backed by our commitment, support before and after sales. We assure you faith shown by you in us will lead to a long relationship. Our client list is growing every moment with the mantra of true and fair business.

Over 40+ years
More then 150
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What We Offer

Our Products Range

Washer Extractor

» Large Door opening and Safe Door interlock
» Powerful Advanced Computer Control Center

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Industrial Washing Machines

All stainless steel, Inner & outer, These value Oriented units are suitable for all processes

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Steam Finishing Machine

Large Flat Top padded with imported high porosity & heat resistant silicon padding. Strong welded construction.

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Laundry Machine

All Stainless , steel inner & outer , exceptionally large door opening with very strong door hinges, opens 180o,

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Garment Finishing Machine

Trouser Finisher | Form Finisher | Dummy Spray Unit | Trouser Scrubber/Dummy

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Drying Tumbler

Stainless steel inner Cylinder, painted outer body, digital temperature controller and display in oF or  oC, anti wrinkle safety tumble

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Hydro Extrator

All stainless steel inner & outer, silent vibration less operation, auto timed auto stop through DC injection brake,

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Screen Printing Machines

» Index pin/bearing registration
» Multi directional Micro registration
» Sturdy side screen clamps

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Flat Work Ironer

Roller having large diameter with moving ironing chest, large diameter ensuring a long contact surface,

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Our Core Values

Expert Solutions from the Laundry Experts.

The Future...

With the wisdom of over 20 years of experience in garment Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Dyeing & Processing Machines, Vetech  is forward integrating into manufacturing Flat Bed Press, Steam Press, Washer Extractor, Printing Machines, Baby Boilers,  Washing Machines, Flat Work Ironer. A state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is being set up to cater to all types of dyeing machinery  requirements of both Domestic and International Customers. The unit has been be operational since 2007.

Laundry Machines

Vetech’s Washer  Extractor, Drying Tumbler, Hydro Extractor,  Flat Bed Ironer, Flatbed Press, Vacuum Steam Table, Teflon Shoes, Sequence Controller, Steam Press, Dry-cleaning machines, used for Industrial & Commercial Laundry Systems.

Garment Pressing & Finishing Machines :-

Our machines are installed in all major fabric dyeing & finishing houses.


We have a exported our various Laundry Machines, Dry Cleaning, Dyeing Machines, Fabric Processing Machines, Hydro Extractor,  Washer extractor to many countries and have the capability to supply anything based on specifications in any part of the world at the most competitive prices.
Research, Production, continuous innovation  Excellence & Customer Satisfaction is a motto of the company

About Us

Robust & User Friendly Design of Machines.


Vetech Equipments is established in 1998 by S. Harwinder Singh  with a vision to serve the Hosiery and Textile Industries with quality products. The company is a well known manufacturer & supplier of complete range of garment processing and finishing machines for Textile & Hosiery Industries in India. More Info…