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Steam Finishing Machine

Steam Finishing Machine

Large Flat Top padded with imported high porosity & heat resistant silicon padding. Strong welded construction. Thermostatically controlled table heater. Extended exhaust duct with lightening device. Swiveling type arm all types of bucks with instant interchange ability. Dry padding at all times, high quality steam ironing.

Powerful Suction through centrifugal blower activated by spring loaded full length foot pedal working in conjunction with sturdy micro switch. Vibration less & Silent
Full Electrical Protection against motor overload current leakage & short circuit. All electrical are easily accessible from front. Operator’s Convenience & Safety.

Steam Finishing Machines
Steam Finishing Machines
Flat Bed Press
Flat Bed Press

Technical Specification


Table Top Size

Suction Capacity

Overall Dimensions W x D x H

Net WT

HP 50

1250 x 750

400 LTS./ SEC. (850 CFM)

1530 x 890 x 1850

165 KG.

HP 60

1500 x 900

600 LTS./ SEC (1300 CFM)

1780 x 1040 x 1850

190 KG.